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Welcome to MicroBiz

Microbiz is a bookkeeping, accounting, BAS Agent and consulting services with over 30 years’ experience across various sectors, based in Sydney & Launceston, helping our clients achieving exceptional outcomes.

We tailor solutions based on the specific needs of each client, taking long-term approach, providing the highest quality services and best results. 

Your success is our success!
We love to collaborate!
We take a bespoke approach to every client!
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Our Services

Bookkeeping Services

We offer a full range of bookkeeping services, applying our experience and knowledge in order to produce great results for your business. We will help you understand your financials, increase your profitability and enable you to grow your business:

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Business Consulting

We offer a variety of consulting services to start-ups and existing businesses, developing and defining corporate growth, assisting in identifying opportunities and working together towards achieving your vision:
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Who We Are

Efi Kleiner brings over 30 years’ experience across various sectors, from small-medium to large organisations. Efi is a result driven professional with a proven record in implementing change and leadership and a passion in development and execution of strategies that drive businesses to generate maximum return and achieve their outmost potential. Efi possess creative thinking and thrives on making the impossible possible.
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Helping clients for over 30 years with Bookkeeping and Business Consulting
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